Verona Conference 2018

EAPM Conference Verona 2018:


Innovative and Integrated approaches to promote mental and physical health.

Verona, 27-30 June 2018

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EAPM speakers at the 2018 German Congress of Psychosomatic Medicine

The German Congress of Psychosomatic Medicine 2018 (21. - 23.03.2018) took place in Berlin gathering about 1.000 delegates. Continuing the tradition of many years, the German College of Psychosomatic Medicine invited two speakers from the EAPM to hold so called EAPM lectures at this conference. EAPM member Prof. Dr. Chris Burtongave a lecture with the title “Can we translate psychotherapy for somatoform disorders into mainstream care?” Chris Burton is a general practitioner and Professor of Primary Medical Care at the University of Sheffield. His main research and clinical interest is around persistent, “medically unexplained” symptoms and their treatment in primary care. In his talk, he humorously discussed how GPs can bring these difficult diagnoses to their patients and gain them for rational and psychological treatment.



Carsten Leue, Chris Burton, Bernd Löwe after the EAPM lectures at the German Psychosomatic Congress March, Berlin 2018


EAPM member Dr. Dr. Carsten Leue gave a lecture with the title “The Med-Psych-Network – a cross-institutional approach to personalized psychosomatic care”. Dr. Leue is a consultation-liaison psychiatrist at Maastricht University Medical Centre, delivering inpatient, outpatient and transitional care for multi-conditional patients. In his lecture, he introduced the Medical Psychiatric Network, which is a transitional integrated care approach in order to bundle different collaborative care solutions, from primary to tertiary care. Both lectures were well attended and followed by a vivid discussion.


Some months ago, EAPM member Dr. Jordi Blanch gave another EAPM lecture at the Romanian Congress of Psychosomatic Medicine which took place in Brasov. Jordi is a specialist of C-L Psychiatry in Barcelona, Spain. At this conference, he talked about the psychosocial aspects of HIV/AIDS, the scientific topic he has been working on for years.