Alison Creed Award 2023

Fiammetta Cosci is the winner of the Alison Creed Award 2023. Congratulations!

Fiammetta Cosci

Associate Professor at the Department of Psychiatry & Neuropsychology (Maastricht University, The Netherlands). She is Editor in Chief of the journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics (2021 IF: 25.617), Board Member of the European Association in Psychosomatic Medicine, Coopted Board Member of the International College of Psychosomatic Medicine, General Secretary of the Academy of WellBeing Therapy, General Secretary of the International Federation for Psychotherapy, Coordinator of the Italian Group in Psychosomatic Research. She received the EPA Research Prize, the Global Research Award for Nicotine Dependence, and the YMind Center for prevention of mental disorders award. She published more than 110 papers in WOS international journals, 17 book chapters, 1 monograph.


At the 2023 EAPM Conference in Wroclaw Prof. Cosci will give a lecture ‘Assessment in psychosomatics: the contribution of clinimetrics’ as well as a masterclass.





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