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Alison Creed Award

This is an award in memory of Alison Creed for extraordinary achievement in the field of Psychosomatic Medicine/Consultation Liaison Psychiatry

The award consists of €1000 and a diploma and is selected by a committee appointed by EAPM.

To be awarded annually as achievement award in the field of psychosomatic Medicine/Consultation Liaison Psychiatry. The recipient will have an international reputation for research, leadership and service development in Psychosomatic Medicine /Consultation Liaison Psychiatry.

The award will be presented annually in memory of Alison Creed who did so much to support her husband, Francis, in his work for the EACLPP (prior to the formation of EAPM) and who was herself a regular attendee at the social gatherings of EACLPP.

The person who receives the award will give a lecture and hold a master class at the EAPM annual meeting. Attendance at the latter should be restricted to 25-30 trainees who are presenting a poster at the annual meeting and should comprise a question-answer/discussion format rather than a lecture.


2024 Prof. Bernd Löwe Germany
2023 Prof. Fiammetta Cosci Italy
2022 Prof. James Levenson USA
2021 Prof. Winfried Rief Marburg, Germany
2019 Prof. Else Guthrie Leeds, UK
2018 Prof. Arthur J. Barsky Boston, USA
2017 Prof. Per Fink Aarhus, Denmark
2016 Prof. Michael Sharpe Oxford, UK
2015 Prof. Kurt Kroenke Indianapolis, USA

Alison Creed Award Committee

Else Guthrie – Leeds, UK
Per Fink – Aarhus, Denmark
Peter Henningsen – München, Germany

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