Benefits for EAPM Member Associations

Your Association is part of EAPM and thus strongly supports EAPM’s goals and aspirations, these are:

  • To promote an integrated psychosomatic (biopsychosocial) approach to health and disease.
  • To promote the treatment and care of patients with psychiatric disorders and psychological problems in patients with physical disorders.
  • To stimulate and support research in the areas of Psychosomatic Medicine, C-L Psychiatry, and Integrated Care.
  • To stimulate and support teaching and training, and advanced professional education in these areas.
  • To foster interaction and collegiality among members of the Association and provide opportunities for mutual support and assistance.
  • To educate the patients, carers and the general public regarding Psychosomatic Medicine.
  • To provide a forum for the presentation, dissemination and discussion of scientific problems in Psychosomatic Medicine, C-L Psychiatry, and Integrated Care through the organization of meetings, conferences, workshops and publications.
  • To advise national and European organizations and to encourage and stimulate the formation of local, regional and national organizations which further the goals of the Association.
  • To identify and reward outstanding achievement and/or service in Psychosomatic Medicine, C-L Psychiatry, and Integrated Care.


Your association announces a representative of the association. The representative has one vote at an EAPM General Assembly. This representative is also called the National Coordinator of EAPM. National Coordinators are part of the EAPM Advisory Board. The Advisory Board meets once a year, usually at the EAPM Annual Conference.

The national coordinators are part of the structural work of the EAPM to promote mutual exchange between national and international forces in psychosomatic medicine and CL psychiatry.

The EAPM and its member associations should support each other as much as possible: They should promote each other’s events and endeavours by exchanging information through newsletters and websites and other communication channels.

Benefits for Members of an EAPM Member Associations

  • You will benefit from reduced conference fees of the annual meetings from EAPM (around 10% reduction)
  • You can participate in EAPM Working Groups and Special Interest Groups concerning relevant topics in Psychosomatic Medicine, CL-Psychiatry and Integrated Care
  • EAPM NEWSLETTER: You will receive a quarterly “newsletter for EAPM members” concerning latest developments in EAPM, but also in Psychosomatic Medicine, C-L Psychiatry and Integrated Care and our so called “EAPM Conference Newsletter”. The administration of your national association itself forwards this newsletter to its members – you.
  • You can identify with EAPM goals and aspirations and perceive yourself as part of the network