Below you will find everything about our EAPM conferences: the upcoming and the past ones.

coming EAPM conferences


2023: to be announced

2024 EAPM Conference Lausanne:  2024 in Lausanne, Switzerland

Conference President: Prof. Fritz Stiefel

past EAPM conferences


2019 EAPM Conference Rotterdam

Conference President: Dr. Dr. Carsten Leue, The Netherlands FINAL PROGRAM EAPM 2019 CONFERENCE ROTTERDAM EAPM 2019, 19-22 June 2019, Rotterdam, The Netherlands “Integrating psychosomatic care across medical settings and specialties”…

2018 EAPM Conference Verona

Conference President: Prof. Mirella Ruggeri, Italy INNOVATIVE AND INTEGRATIVE APPROACHES TO PROMOTE MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH 6th Annual Meeting of EAPM abstractbook_Verona_2018_EAPM   more information & news