Poster Awards

At each EAPM Conference 2-5 Poster Awards are presented to attending scientists.

These awards are selected after the poster presentations and presented afterwards, mostly close to the end of the conference.


Poster Award Committee

Meike Sheden Mora – Hamburg, Germany
Else Guthrie – Leeds, United Kingdom
Joanna Rymaszewska – Wroclaw, Poland
Franziska Geiser – Bonn, Germany

General information on posters

Posters are a great way to communicate your research. Generally, information on a poster will be received by more people than an oral presentation in a symposium, and it will specifically reach those who are interested in your topic.

The conference organizer may arrange for posters to be presented as printed posters, or as e-posters on screens, or both.  If e-posters are not mentioned, usually posters will have to be printed out. Please check this on the conference website and follow instructions for the format of your poster accordingly.

A conference may accept printed posters, e-posters, or both. Please check the conference website for information. E-posters may have to be submitted in advance, please follow the instructions by the conference organizer.

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