EAPM training certificate

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Eligibility criteria

The EAPM training certificate is a recognition for continuous clinical training in the field of psychosomatic medicine.

Applicants for the EAPM training certificate have to fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Be an EAPM-member
  2. Attended two annual conferences of the EAPM
  3. Participated in at least three masterclasses
  • At least two masterclasses have to take place during an EAPM annual meeting (see EAPM homepage for upcoming masterclasses)
  • One masterclass could be organized by a national psychosomatic medicine or consultation-liaison organization which has to be acknowledged by the EAPM
  • At each masterclass, candidates have to confirm their participation by signing the attendance list and by completing the evaluation form

Please note:

The EAPM training certificate has a validity of 10 years and should then be renewed. Credit points collected for the EAPM training certificate might be used to apply for the EAPM fellowship.

Candidates of the training certificate that fullfill eligibility criteria will receive a certificate at the annual EAPM meeting.

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