How to become a member association

A National Society/Association which is active in the field of psychosomatic medicine or C-L psychiatry based in a European country wishing to become a Member shall submit an application to the Administrator of the EAPM on This application shall include a copy of its statutes translated into English, a declaration signed by its President that reports the number of its own members, and confirms that it is a society or association active in the field of psychosomatic medicine.

This application shall be approved by a simple majority of the EAPM Board.

Advantages of EAPM National Society/Association Membership

  • Regular correspondence concerning latest developments in CL Psychiatry, Integrated Care and Psychosomatic Medicine, EAPM newsletter
  • Promotion of the relevant society/association and its events on the EAPM website and at the annual conferences.
  • One member of the relevant society/association may be nominated to be part of the EAPM Advisory Board (including an annual meeting during the EAPM conference); this member must be an individual member of EAPM, too.
  • Invitation to the General Assembly of the EAPM (one vote for one Society/Association)
  • Reduced registration fee to the EAPM conferences

Membership fee

Annual Membership fee for EAPM National Society/Association Membership is 1 € per member of the relevant society/association with a minimum fee of 100 € per year.