Opening conference

Thursday June 13th 10:50 N. Herschdorfer: Body I am and body I have

Social program

Wednesday 18:00 – Welcome reception (upon inscription, free for congress participants)

Friday 19:00 – Conference dinner in the Olympic Museum restaurant (upon registration, paid by participants)


Nathalie Herschdorfer (opening ceremony), Director of the Elysée Museum of Photography, Lausanne, Switzerland
Prof. Nicolas Senn, Chief of the Department of family medicine, Center for primary care and general medicine (Unisanté), University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Prof. Claudine Burton-Jeangros, sociologist, Head of the Institute of sociological research, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Prof. Michael Sharpe, Emeritus Professor of Psychological medicine at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Prof. Enny Das, social psychologist, Director of the Centre for language studies at the Department of language and communication, Radboud Universiteit, the Netherlands
Prof. Roland von Känel, Director of the Clinic of liaison psychiatry and psychosomatic at the Zürich University Hospital, Switzerland
Prof. Gerd Kvale, Head of the OCD team at the Department of clinical psychology, Haukekand University Hospital, Bergen, Norway

Awards ceremony (Saturday)

Alison Creed Award Lecture Bernd Löwe : Persistent somatic symptoms: Clinical presentation, aetiology and treatment

Frits Huyse Award Lecture Annette Boenink : Back to basics: reflections on integrated care

Master classes

MC.1 (Carus) Medically unexplained symptoms – Enny Das

MC.2 (Carus) Clinical interventions for long Covid – Gerd Kvale

MC.3 (Carus) Liaison psychiatric assessment and support before and during medical-assisted gender transition – Dana Pamfile and Laurent Michaud

MC.4 Research on persistent somatic symptoms: Open questions, challenges and methods – Bernd Löwe (Alison Creed awardee)

MC.5 Shared decision making: Bringing integrated care of complex patients to a higher level – Annette Boenink (Frits Huyse awardee)

Symposia (75min session)

Beyond the physical: Psychological implications of surviving critical illness. George Sayde, Ewa Bieber, Kemuel Philbrick, O. Joseph Bienvenu, & Rachel Hammer
Can we improve the understanding and treatment of functional somatic disorders in young people? Charlotte U. Rask, Lina Munker, Anne Sofie Hansen, Eva Skovslund Nielsen, & Maria Lalouni
Institut de Médecine Psychosomatique et Psychosociale Romand. Enseignement psychosomatique en médecine de premier recours. Ariane Gonthier & Stéphane Saillant
ETUDE project 1: Mechanisms of functional disorders: results from the ETUDE project. Judith Rosmalen
Schweizerische Akademie für Psychosomatische und Psychosoziale Medizin. Essstörungen – ein interdisziplinäres Update. Niklaus Egloff; Patrick Pasi, Felicitas Forrer, Dirk Büchter, Katja Haemmerli Keller, & Dagmar A. Schmid
ETUDE project 2: Communication in functional disorders: results from the ETUDE project. Judith Rosmalen
ETUDE project 3: Healthcare for functional disorders: results from the ETUDE project. Judith Rosmalen
Functional neurological disorder- no longer medically unexplained? Selma Aybek, David Perez, & Alan Carson
Leadership challenges in CL-Psychiatry in the post-Covid era: Lessons learned in the United States. David Kroll, Sejal Shah, Priya Gopalan, Mark Bradley
New aspects of and interventions for health anxiety. Charlotte U. Rask, Charlotte Duholm, Katrine Ingman, Lisbeth Frostholm, & Alexandra Martin
Swiss Society of Consultation and Liaison Psychiatry.
New developments in consultation- and liaison psychiatry. Sebastien Euler, Jan Schulze, Alexandre Berney, Konstantinos Tzartzas
Old School, new school: Classic and cutting-edge tools in psycho-oncology. Laurent Michaud, Alexandre Berney, Sebastien Euler, & Jan Schulze
Physical-mental interplay in psychosomatic medicine. Andreas Stengel, Caroline Rometsch, Peter Henningsen, & Stefan Zipfel
Proactive and integrated Consultation-liaison psychiatry and social determinants of mental health. Devendra Thakur, Sofia Matta, Patrick Triplett, Helena Feldman, & Nadee Siriwardana

The embodied environment: Chronic pain and its surroundings. Antonella Ciaramella, Mike Spencer, Anne-Françoise Allaz, & Huan-Ji Dong
Traumatic intrusive memories: mechanisms, nature, and intervention. Renée Visser, Yves Froté, Antje Horsch
Treating mental ill health in children with physical illness. Isobel Heyman, Sophie Bennett, Anna Roach, Julie Løye Hejl, & Marianne Bonnert
Unveiling hope: Redefining long-term fatigue including long covid and CFS/ME. Helena Liira, presenters: Per Fink, Maria Pedersen, Anna-Karin Norlin, Live Landmark
Updates in organ solid transplantation: What psychosomatic medicine/consultation-liaison psychiatrists must know.Jose Maldonado, Yelizaveta Sher, Filza Hussain, & Paula Zimbrean
War in Ukraine: Assessing the global consequences. Sofia E. Matta, Maria Leister, Katherine Caujolle-Alls, Daniel Fisher, & Lesia Sak
Young scientists’ symposium. Natalie Uhlenbuschspects

Workshops (75min session)

BioPsychoSocial awareness and its stages of change: Novel conceptual model for clinical practice, research, and the paradigm shift. Alla Landa & Harald Guendel
Coaching for healthcare professionals and researchers: An interactive workshop. Jane Walker
Leading by liaising: Interdisciplinary clinical challenges across the lifespan. Diana M. Robinson, Mira Zein, Adrienne Taylor, Josen Rosen, Abhisek Khandai
Munchausen and Munchausen by proxy: Difficult diagnoses and challenging patients. Boris van Hof, Daniel Balch Barth, & Birgitte Boye
Psychodynamic aspects of the consultation/psychodynamic bedside teaching. Kemuel Philbrick, Wolfgang Söllner, Friedrich Stiefel, & Ewa Bieber
Psychotherapy in the face of climate crisis. Isolde Martina Busch, Natalie Uhlenbusch, Jürgen Knieling, Weronika Kalwak, & Fabiola Müller
Suicide attempts causing serious medical and surgical complications: Psychiatric, ethical and legal considerations. Donald L. Rosenstein, James L. Levenson, & Rebecca Weintraub Brendel
Towards a paradigm shift: From consultation to integrated care. Silvia Ferrari, Jane Walker, & John Lyons
Translating treatment of persistent physical symptoms from the specialist clinic into primary care. Lisbeth Frostholm, Marianne Rosendal, & Chris Burton
Understanding DSM 5 somatic symptom disorder. Michael Sharpe, Jim Levenson, Francis Creed, & Bernd Löwe

Wednesday June 12th

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Social events : 18:00 Welcome reception

Thursday June 13th

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Friday June 14th

Social events : 19:00 Conference dinner

Saturday June 15th

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