Prof. Roger Kathol is awarded with the Frits Huyse Award 2020/21


Roger G. Kathol, M.D., C.P.E.

Physical and Behavioral Health Care and Value-Based Integrated Case Management Consultant for Patients with Health Complexity


Roger G. Kathol


Roger Kathol, General Manager for Cartesian Solutions, LLC, is a health consultant who works with co-owners in assisting hospitals and clinics, health plans, employers, government agencies, and case management vendors develop value-based integrated programs for general medical and behavioral health (BH) patients with health complexity.  Dr. Kathol is board certified in internal medicine, psychiatry, and medical management with extensive experience gained during 22 years as a physician, teacher, and researcher; 3 years as a health plan medical director; and 20 years as an international health complexity, integrated care, and case management consultant.

Cartesian Solutions, LLC consultants assist clients achieve the quality enhancement, cost savings, outcome changing care, and joy in the delivery of integrated health services through the development and implementation of integrated medical and BH payment procedures, multidisciplinary clinical programs, and integrated physical and BH case management services.  Clients include:

  • Hospital and Clinic Systems—assists with creating and deploying financially solvent and cost saving inpatient and outpatient integrated physical and BH assessment and intervention programs, especially for high cost patients with health complexity in medical settings
  • General Medical Health Plans—assists medical insurers insource, integrate, and deploy medical and BH benefits using a single “medical” payment process, which includes: 1) a unified network or medical and BH providers, 2) consolidated medical and BH contracts, 3) coordinated medical and BH claims adjudication, 4) support for the delivery of integrated medical and BH services in the medical setting, 5) deployment of complexity-based integrated case management, and 6) total health and cost outcome measurement
  • Employers—provides guidance in designing and assistance in transitioning to integrated medical and BH insurance, case management, and disability products for their employees
  • Government agencies—assists in connecting payment practices to the integrated delivery of medical and BH care and case management, especially for high need/high cost enrollees
  • Integrated Case Management Programs—provides a framework for integrated medical and BH adult and pediatric case management, integrated case manager training, program deployment using a health complexity platform, and health and cost outcome measurement


After leaving academic medicine in the 1990s, Dr. Kathol has assisted numerous care delivery systems, health plans, employer groups, and government agencies develop and deploy integrated physical and BH programs.  He now works with a small group of integrated care experts as part of an updated Cartesian Solutions, LLC in helping clients not only develop but also deploy integrated programs for their organizations nationally and internationally.

Dr. Kathol is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine.  He has published over 180 peer-reviewed articles, 10 authored or edited books, and 25 book chapters.  Recent books include: The Integrated Case Management Manual: Value-Based Assistance to Complex Medical and Behavioral Health Patients (Springer, second edition, 2018) and the Physician’s Guide: Understanding and Working with Case Managers (Springer, 2016).

Dr. Rief will give a keynote lecture at the EAPM Virtual Conference 2021.


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