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Frits Huyse Award

To be awarded annually for outstanding contribution to the development of Consultation Liaison Psychiatry and Integrated Care.

The award consists of €1000 and a diploma and is selected by a committee appointed by EAPM.

The recipient should be or have been active in the field of consultation-liaison psychiatry and/or integrated care. The recipient should be a person who has contributed actively to the development in C-L psychiatry in Europe, but he or she does not have to be a European citizen. The recipient should be a person who is recognized for being willing to share knowledge, support others and fostering collaboration between Europeans in the field of C-L psychiatry. The recipient should be a member of the EAPM unless he or she is living outside Europe It is not required that a recipient should have / has had his or hers main activity mainly within research. Also significant contribution to the field of C-L psychiatry in Europe by other means may be awarded.

The award is presented during the annual meeting of the EAPM.

The recipient has to give a lecture, the “Frits Huyse award lecture” as part of the reward ceremony. The topic can be chosen by the recipient, but should be of interest for attendees of the EAPM meeting.

2024 Dr. Annette Boenink The Netherlands
2023 Prof. Albert Leentjens The Netherlands
2022 Prof. Wolfgang Söllner Austria
2021 Prof. Roger Kathol Minnesota, USA
2019 Prof. Fritz Stiefel Lausanne, Switzerland
2018 Prof. Marco Rigatelli Modena, Italy
2017 Prof. Graça Cardoso Lisbon, Portugal
2016 Prof. James Strain New York, USA
2015 Prof. Francis Creed Manchester, UK
2014 Prof. Antonio Lobo Zaragoza, Spain

Frits Huyse Award Committee

Ulrik Malt – Oslo, Norway
Carsten Leue – Maastricht, Netherlands
Silvia Ferrari – Modena, Italy
Wolfgang Söllner – Innsbruck, Austria


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