SIG Chronic Pain

Chair: Michael Spencer

Here you get to the forum of the SIG Chronic Pain

Mission Statement

The SIG of chronic pain will contribute in collaboration with the EAPM to increase the knowledge about psychosomatic components of chronic pain in this way:

  1. To stimulate multinational and multi-professional exchange between researchers and clinicians that are active on the field of chronic pain. The SIG will encourage this exchange inside the EAMP as well as with other medical and psychological associations. This includes to create connections between EAPM and Pain societies;
  2. To disseminate, between EAPM members, the evidences relative to the impact of psychological, psychopathological and neurobiological components on the perception and disability of pain;
  3. To organize symposia in the EAPM congresses – and also beyond – focusing on research activities and also on clinical and service developmental aspects;
  4. To stimulate the new generation to study chronic pain becoming a bridge for knowledge exchange between specialized centers in pain;
  5. To setup joint studies and to write or support articles and books in this field.

Researchers and clinicians could contribute to deepen knowledge on psychosomatic aspects of chronic pain.

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