Masterclass Psychiatry 2018 in Luleå, Sweden

Transcultural Psychiatry – Diagnostics and Treatment

22-23 February at the Clarion Hotel Sense in Luleå, Sweden

Registration is now open for this masterclass organized by Norrbotten Region (Ursula Werneke) in collaboration with the Maudsley Hospital and the Tavistock Clinic London.

Take part in the latest developments and evidence for clinical practice of transcultural psychiatry, and enjoy the magic of the arctic winter environment of Swedish Lapland.


  • Understand better transcultural aspects of mental health problems
  • Improve your history taking and diagnostic skills
  • Become more proficient in the treatment of mental health problems in people with different cultural and ethnic background
  • Learn to assess more confidently factors that may increase the risk of self-harm and harm in migrant populations

This is the forth event in our international Masterclass Psychiatry programme. This time, world-leading experts will share their diagnostic and transcultural expertise, and discuss your cases.

This masterclass is for specialist and trainee doctors in psychiatry, child-and adolescent psychiatry, forensic psychiatry and general practice, and professions allied to medicine with a special expertise and interest in mental health.

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