The 2019 Alison-Creed-Award goes to:

Else Guthrie,  Professor in Psychological Medicine, University of Leeds

written by Francis Creed (Manchester)


Else Guthrie’s unique contribution to Consultation Liaison Psychiatry has been the expansion of the use of short-term psychotherapy into areas where it had not been widely used or previously shown to be effective. In her earliest work she modified short-term psychotherapy so that it was appropriate and acceptable to patients in gastroenterology clinics with functional gastrointestinal disorders. The model worked so well that she was able to apply this form of psychotherapy to other groups of patients who would have been regarded as unwilling to engage in this form of treatment.  Else has tested her model using randomised controlled trials in diverse groups of patients including those with bodily distress, following self-harm, frequent attenders at the A&E Department and high utilisers of psychiatric services. In addition to performing these trials she has explored the mode of action of the treatment and examined possible insights into the underlying disorder. Her research has been recognised internationally and she has increasingly worked with other CL groups in Europe and elsewhere.

Else has taken a very broad leadership role in UK CL psychiatry and in psychotherapy research. She has become very active in other countries including numerous invited lectures, membership of the ROME committees for functional gastrointestinal disorders and the courses she has developed and run. Her courses cover advanced CL psychiatry and psychodynamic-interpersonal therapy; they have gained international reputations and attracted participants from around the globe. This reflects Else’s warm and friendly personality, her clear thinking and critical approach to research and her enthusiasm for teaching and training. She must have influenced and impressed very many CL and other young psychiatrists and psychologists as well as influencing many medical specialists. She is well liked and greatly appreciated by her numerous national and international collaborators. She is a very worthy recipient of the Alison Creed award.


Prof. Guthrie will give a Master Class at the EAPM 2019 conference in Rotterdam.


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