Time Friday July 4th
First EAPM conference,
July 3 to 7, 2013
Cambridge, UK
Chair: K. Orth-Gomer
Co-chair: M. Beresnavaite
Preparation of the meeting and minutes: K. Orth-Gomér

Wolfgang Albert, Berlin, Christian Albus, Köln, Margarita Beresnavaite, Kaunas, Hans-
Christian Deter, Berlin, Christoph Herrmann-Lingen, Göttingen, Silla Consoli, Paris, Kristina
Orth-Gomer, Stockholm, Anne-Marie deRoest, Groningen,(agreed to participate in the future, replaced by Dutch observer at the present meeting)
There have been repeated discussions at several occasions that EAPM should be involved in
the European work on the guidelines of cardiovascular disease prevention. There are a number of reasons:
First there is a vast body of experience and “hands on” knowledge from guidelines work through several of the EAPM members.
Second there is a history of initiation of the European Society of Cardiology guidelines section on psychosocial risk factors by EAPM members (see special flyer!)
Third, psychosomatic and psychosocial as well as behavioral medicine are research fields that overlap considerably and are constantly developing methods, interventions, concepts. The implementation I clinical practice of these guidelines is also of great importance.
These issues were discussed at an earlier telephone conference, preparing the formation and inauguration of this special working group within the EAPM.
This is the Inauguration of the working group on CVD guidelines. It is with great joy we notice a profound interest in the topic. The conditions to attract participants to this meeting may not have been ideal: we had the meeting during lunch when people need to eat, we had the meeting in a room, which was rather hard to find, but our flyer was widely distributed from the conference tent (headquarters) and our meeting was discussed at the EAPM general assembly
In conclusion, people seemed interested in the topic– but they did not come to the room Each of the present participants reported what is going on in terms of guideline work in their field, and in their region:
Dr. Albert reported about transplantation activities. Guidelines for these activites are being prepared but the work has been difficult and time consuming.
One wants to learn from other previous groups and avoiding their errors.
Dr. Beresnavaite from Kaunas, Lithuania reported about the situation in the baltic states.
There are some critical voices about guidelines in general and also to psychosomatic
guidelines. This has become very clear in e.g. discussiomns about the topic on national television programs.
Drs. Albus and Herrmann-Lingen reported about German activities.
The inclusion of a psychosocial /psychosomatic chapter in the European society of cardiology guidelines (2003, 2007 and 2012) boosted the German activities in the field.
These and previous activities lead to the formation of a new field: Psycho-cardiology
These experts who are also now EAPM members, are giving courses for cardiologists and have developed a curriculum for this purpose.
The courses are held on week-ends and are immensely popular. They had to be repeated several times already.
Dr.Silla Consoli reported the situation of cardiovascular disease prevention in France.
Dr. Orth-Gomer reported from Scandinavia:
Some interest in guidelines has been noted, but not much in psychosocial factors. This has been the case for the last few years, since the closure of the Institute for Psychosocial Medicine in Stockholm.
In Norway there is more interest and more activities in the field as reported by Ulrik Malt, present at the conference.
The positive picture from Germany seems to be worth while spreading to other countries. The “German model” of both developing a curriculum and suggest a course seems ideal. This could be adopted in other countries, and such a curriculum could also be produced by the working group as a whole.
More about this at the next meeting of the working group, which is planned to take place in conjunction with the 2nd EAPM conference.
Meeting time: One hour, five minutes

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