Annual Report 2020


Planned Activities for 2020

Alongside the EAPM Conference, the following activities were planned:

  • SIG Meeting
  • Launch of the New section on Psychosomatic Psychiatry of the European Journal of Psychiatry


  • Due to the corona pandemic, the EAPM 2020 conferences was cancelled.


Meetings in 2020

  • After the launch of the EAPM List service, the first virtual SIG meeting of the EAPM was held by this SIG July 10th 2020. 30 people attended. Topics discussed were:
    • research interests of group members;
    • launch of the European Journal of Psychiatry Special Section on Psychosomatic Psychiatry and invitation to contribute;
    • James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership for research in the domain of Medically not yet explained symptoms in the UK and the Netherlands
    • Funding opportunities
    • Membership EAPM
    • Opportunity to submit Symposium at EAPM Conferences as SIG


Planned Activities for 2021

  • to have further meetings on research in pain and research in CD/FND by interested SIG members.
  • To have a virtual SIG meeting for the whole group in 2021


On behalf of the group:

Prof.dr. Christina van der Feltz-Cornelis (Chair)

University of York, York, UK