Reports of EAPM National Coordinators 2021 at the Virtual Advisory board meeting

Reports of National Coordinators at the EAPM Advisory Board Meeting on December 13th, 2021   Normally, EAPM holds its advisory ...
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Reports of EAPM National Coordinators 2020

Reports of EAPM National Coordinators 2020 at the 2020 EAPM Advisory Board Meeting on 15 June 2020 Thank you all ...
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Presentations at the EAPM General Assembly 2020

EAPM Extraordinary General Assembly via Video Meeting on 25 June 2020 We had a great time at the General Assembly ...
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Interview about EAPM with Prof. Soellner, President of EAPM

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Plenaries at the EAPM Conference Rotterdam 2019

Here are the plenary sessions of the EAPM Conference Rotterdam 2019. With kind permission of some plenary speakers you can ...
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Highlights February 2019

Below we highlight some papers from recent editions of relevant journals that you may find of interest. Best wishes Else ...
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Highlights January 2019

Below we highlight some papers from recent editions of three relevant journals that you may find of interest. Else Guthrie ...
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DELPHI study 2018: Christina M. van der Feltz-Cornelis et al.: A European Research Agenda for Somatic Symptom Disorders, Bodily Distress Disorders, and Functional Disorders: Results of an Estimate-Talk-Estimate Delphi Expert Study pdf


Functional Disorders and Medically Unexplained Symptoms – Assessment and Treatment. Edited by Per Fink and Marianne Rosendal pdf:

This book is based on extensive research in assessment and treatment of patients with functional disorders and provides a thorough background to functional disorders as well as the etiology, classification and treatment of the disorders. The book primarily targets clinicians in primary care, nonpsychiatric specialties and other health care professionals.

Psychosocial Stress and Cardiovascular Disease in Women – Concepts, Findings, and Future Perspectives Edited by Kristina Orth-Gomer, Neil Schneiderman, Viola Vaccarino & Hans-Christian Deter pdf

Not long ago, it was assumed that coronary heart disease mainly–or only–aff ected men. Now that CHD is recognized as a leading killer of women as well as men, numerous research studies have been made of its diverse presentations in women, causal factors, and possibilities for prevention and treatment.


Clinical guideline for general practice: Functional disorders, Danish College of General Practitioners 2013 pdf

This clinical guideline focuses on an issue which is central in the general medical work. Functional disorders are usually not a priority in the medical education, and many health professionals are therefore self-taught when it comes to patients with functional disorders. The intention with this guideline is to upskill the future treatment in the area, partly by giving the reader an update on the current knowledge on functional disorders, partly by conveying specific recommendations for assessment, diagnostics and treatment.

The guideline is primarily intended for GPs, but many elements can advantageously be used by other doctors, and the conveyed knowledge can furthermore be useful to a wider range of health professionals such as practice staff and professionals in social medicine. The guideline targets primary care and therefore does not describe the specialised offers available for specific functional syndromes and pain conditions.

In the guideline, the term functional disorder is used for a number of symptoms and illnesses with common features and is therefore described as a generic phenomenon and not according to organ localisation.

The workgroup has based its work on a systematic literature review with indication of level of evidence of the recommendations. In a lot of areas regarding functional disorders, the evidence however is still sparse, and we have in these cases chosen to also convey the workgroup members’ experience-based knowledge. It is our hope that knowledge and recommendations in this guideline can act as support in the clinical decision process where evidence as well as experience, clinical estimation and the patients’ wishes must be included in the final evaluation.


European guidelines for training in consultation-liaison psychiatry and psychosomatics: Report of the EACLPP Workgroup on Training in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry and Psychosomatics Wolfgang Söllner & Francis Creed Journal of Psychosomatic Research 62 (2007) 501–509 pdf


The Modena Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Service, Italy pdf M. Rigatelli & S. Ferrari The British Journal of Psychiatry (2004) 184: 268–269


Opening statement of the APM 2004 International meeting pdf by Frits Huyse


General Hospital Psychiatry in the Netherland pdf by Albert Leentjens


Clinical Monographs

In this section of the website we will present brief summaries of evidence-based knowledge about clinical topics seen frequently in psychosomatic medicine and consultation-liaison psychiatry. These clinical monographs are being developed jointly by the APM Guidelines and Evidenced-Based Medicine Subcommittee of the Academy’s Clinical Practice Committee and the European Association for Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry and Psychosomatics (EACLPP).

Delirium pdf– An Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) Monograph for Psychosomatic Medicine Practice
Catatonia in Medically Ill Patientspdf– An Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) Monograph for Psychosomatic Medicine Practice
Aggression and Violence pdf– An Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) Monograph for Psychosomatic Medicine Practice
Traumatic Stress Disorders in Medically Ill Patients pdf – An Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) Monograph for Psychosomatic Medicine Practice