The Journal of Psychosomatic Research (JPR)

The Journal of Psychosomatic Research (JPR) is the official journal of the EAPM.

JPR is a multidisciplinary research journal covering all aspects of the relationships between psychology and medicine. The scope is broad and ranges from basic biological and psychological research to evaluations of treatment and services.

One section of the journal is devoted to issues of special importance to the EAPM.

As part of its agreement with the Journal of Psychosomatic Research, the EAPM has an allowance of 24 pages per year for EAPM related business, including papers, letters and advertisements. Over the past years there have been several publications in the EAPM pages (former EACLPP pages) of JPR regarding C-L activity in different European Countries.

There is now space for further articles and members are invited to submit contributions to the EAPM pages to ensure we make full use of our pages. Instructions for authors are shown below.

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Instructions for authors

EAPM contributions should not exceed 800 words. Contributions are not meant to publish results of specific disease-related research; topics covered should be of general interest, stem from countries participating in the EAPM or refer to EAPM activities. EAPM contributions are not peer-reviewed but subject to editorial approval. In case of doubt about the suitability of a subject, please contact Prof. Bernd Löwe, Associate Editor for EAPM pages.