Paul Lodder has been honored with the 2020 Elsevier & EAPM Young Investigators Award. Congratulations!

Work Synopsis:

Type D personality, a combination of the two personality traits negative affectivity (NA) and social inhibition (SI), has been associated with various medical and psychosocial outcomes. Type D effects can be analyzed according to several methods. In this study, a computer simulation revealed that classifying people in personality groups produced false positive Type D effects when only one of the underlying personality traits (NA or SI) was related to an outcome. This problem did not occur when modeling Type D using the continuous NA and SI scores. Reanalysis of two published studies showed that significant Type D effects based on personality groups were no longer significant when using the continuous method. These findings suggest that all reported Type D effects based on personality groups should be reconsidered using the continuous method.


About Paul Lodder
Paul Lodder is a PhD candidate at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. His dissertation is a collaboration between the Department of Methodology and Statistics and the Center of Research on Psychological and Somatic disorders. This interdisciplinary research focuses on methodological issues in research on Type D personality. Apart from his own research, Paul works as a statistical consultant for the Department of Medical and Clinical Psychology. His research interests include personality, cardiovascular disease, psychometrics, meta-analysis, and longitudinal data analysis. He has published on these issues in journals like The British Medical Journal, Scientific Reports, The Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, The Journal of Psychosomatic Research, and Multivariate Behavioral Research.

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Name:              Paul Lodder

Date of birth:     September 24th, 1986

Home address:  Bloklandstraat 79, 3036 TC, Rotterdam

Work address:   Warandelaan 2 (Room S-7.16). 5037 AB. Tilburg. The Netherlands.

Telephone:        (+31) (0)630067191


2014 – 2015        Music production & Audio technology (cum laude). Sound Education Nederland.

2012 – 2014        Research Master Psychology (cum laude). University of Amsterdam

2009 – 2012        Bachelor Psychology (cum laude & honours track). University of Amsterdam

2007 – 2011        Master Human Resource Management. Erasmus University Rotterdam.

2004 – 2007        Bachelor Business Administration. Erasmus University Rotterdam.


2016 – now         PhD candidate at Tilburg University.

Using advanced statistical methods to investigate important substantive issues in                                 medical psychology.

2011 – 2015        Education technologist at the University of Amsterdam

ICT & education support; Blackboard coordinator; Editor course catalogue.

A selection of my 34 peer-reviewed publications


  • Lodder, , Denollet, J., Emons, W.H.M., Nefs, G., Pouwer, F., Speight, J., & Wicherts, J.M. (2019). Modeling Interactions between Latent Variables in Research on Type D Personality: A Monte Carlo Simulation and Clinical Study of Depression and Anxiety. Multivariate Behavioral Research.
  • Lodder, P., Ong, H.H, Grasman, R.P.P.P., & Wicherts, J.M. (2019). A Comprehensive Meta-analysis of Money Priming. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.
  • Smaardijk, V.R., Lodder, P., Kop, W.J., Maas, A., & Mommersteeg, P. (2019). Sex and gender-sensitive risks of psychosocial factors for ischemic heart disease incidence and prognosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of the American Heart Association.
  • Firanescu, C.E., de Vries, J., Lodder, P., et al. (2018). A randomized sham controlled trial of vertebroplasty for painful acute osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures (VERTOS IV). British Medical Journal.
  • Please see my website for a complete list of all my publications:

Funded research grants

  • Mommersteeg, P., Elias-Smale, S., Kop, W.J., Lodder, P., Maas, A., & van Widdershoven, J.W. (2016). From gender-sensitive psychosocial factors to diversity in incidence and outcomes of ischemic heart disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis. € 97.327,80

Academic presentations

Oral and poster presentations at various scientific conferences (e.g. EAPM 2019 Rotterdam; ISCB 2019 Leuven; IMPS 2018 New York; APS 2017 Sevilla)

Academic teaching & supervising

2016 – now    Methodological and statistical consultant at both the ETZ Hospital and Tilburg University

2019 – now    Supervision of Bachelor’s thesis Psychology (5 students)
2017 – now    Advanced Scientific Skills for Medical Psychologists. 9 Master’s seminars (50 students)

2016 – now    Classical and Modern Test Theory. 24 Bachelor’s seminars (25 students)


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