Written by Cédric Lemogne in September 2018

In  France, there is currently no active C-L psychiatry or psychosomatic medicine society. On the other hand, more than a hundred colleagues have expressed their interest in the creation of a French C-L psychiatry Network. The first meeting of this network took place in November 2017 and the next is scheduled for November 2018 (in Nantes, France). Among the objectives of this network, the creation of a true French C-L Psychiatry society will be on the agenda of this next meeting. In addition, a major achievement for French-speaking C-L Psychiatry this year was the writing of a French-speaking textbook (the first since 1997) on C-L Psychiatry that brought together over a hundred authors from five different nationalities (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada and the Democratic Republic of Congo). On this occasion, links between French-speaking colleagues were strengthened and the integration of French-Speaking Swiss colleagues into the French (and perhaps soon French-speaking) network is envisaged.


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