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The Editor’s choice November 2018

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Differential psychological effects of cognitive-behavioral stress management among breast cancer patients with high and low initial cancer-specific distress

Ashley W-T. Wang, Laura C. Bouchard, Lisa M. Gudenkauf, Devika R. Jutagir, Hannah M. Fisher, Jamie M. Jacobs, Bonnie B. Blomberg, Suzanne C. Lechner, Charles S. Carver, Michael H. Antoni

Vol. 113 p52-57


Editor’s Commentary

Cognitive-behavioral stress management (CBSM) improves adaptation in breast cancer (BCa) patients. But who might benefit most from receiving this intervention during primary treatment? A randomized trial compared the effects of 10-week group CBSM intervention to a 1-day psychoeducational control among 240 BCa patients recruited in the weeks after surgery, who were initially classified as high or low in cancer-specific distress (intrusive thoughts). CBSM was especially effective in reducing distress and increasing positive affect over 12 months among patients presenting with elevated cancer-specific distress after surgery. Identifying post-surgical patients in need of intervention may optimize cost-effective cancer care during primary treatment.

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