Cope Corona Study

In June EAPM members Christiane Waller, Barbara Stein and Markus Müller from Nuremberg initiated this study group. Members from 12 different countries joined and in November they could share their first results. A second data collection is going to start in January/February 2021.

READ LATEST ARTICLE: Journal of Psychosomatic Research 167 (2023) 111183 COVID-19-related consultation-liaison (CL) mental health services in general hospitals: A perspective from Europe and beyond

The corona pandemic has turned life upside down worldwide since the beginning of the year. We have felt the effects of it particularly in the hospital sector. Not only about treating Covid-19 positive patients under different safety precautions in each country, but also about maintaining medical care in general under difficult and uncertain conditions.

The EAPM has given rise to the ‘Cope-Corona’ initiative, which aims to scientifically address the management of the corona pandemic among health care workers.

The aim of the international study is to compare hospital staff in the handling and use of resources and coping strategies during the corona pandemic. We will not only ask employees who are directly involved in patient care, but also those who work ‘behind the scenes’ in administration, management and education. The study consists of a quantitative survey and a qualitative part that has yet to be developed. The study participants will be interviewed anonymously at three different points in time: now, in autumn/winter 2020 and again in spring/summer 2021.

Following the call via the EAPM Newsletter, centers from 12 countries have registered to conduct the study.

We are very excited about our results and thank the EAPM office for organizing our joint meetings and networking opportunities.

We have already achieved our goal of further expanding our international network in the field of psychosomatic medicine.


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