The Young Researchers Special Interest Group was founded at the 2017 EAPM conference in Barcelona.

Special Interest Group Young Researchers: Activities at the EAPM conference in Verona

The EAPM Special Interest Group “Young Researchers” aims to connect young European scientists in the field of psychosomatic medicine, foster academic exchange, increase visibility of innovative research performed by young researchers, and to be a voice of the emerging young scientists.

Past activities at the EAPM conference 2018 in Verona

SIG Young Researchers Science Slam

In an inspiringly brilliant session, five young researchers (Annette Burns, Paul Hüsing, Julia Landi, Dr. Jennifer Schmidt, Natalie Uhlenbusch) participated in the Science Slam. They had the opportunity to present their research in a brief, more informal, passionate, and catchy way. Their task was to convince the audience why their research matters and why we should all care about it. An expert jury (Prof. Dr. Peter Henningsen, Prof. Dr. Adrienne Stauder, Prof. Dr. Istvan Mucsi, Dr. Isolde Busch) rated their performance and awarded Natalie Uhlenbusch (Hamburg, Germany) the winning slammer with her talk on “Mental health care in rare chronic diseases”.

2018 Science Slam jury, participants and chairs

2018 Science Slam Winner Natalie Uhlenbusch (Hamburg, Germany)

SIG Young Researchers meeting

During our meeting in Verona, we exchanged ideas about future EAPM young researchers activities and needs of young researchers in our field.

Young Researchers Get Together

In Verona 2018, we spent a beautiful evening together at the Pizzeria Leon D’Oro, enjoying fruitful discussions and taking the opportunity to connect and network.

SIG YR organizing Team for Verona 2018: Dr. Meike Shedden Mora, Dr. Miriam Depping, Dr. Isolde Busch, Dr. Elisabetta Miglieri


Join us!

Young researchers (students, residents, PhD students and Post Docs) are highly welcome to join the group by signing up for our mailing list (

We look forward meeting you and are available for any questions and suggestions!

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