Swedish Association for Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry

Chairmen: Monika König

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The Swedish Association of Consultation Liaison Psychiatry (64 members) is an organisation for liaison psychiatrists but also allows associate membership for adjoining professionals who share a common interest in the biopsychosocial context of their patients’ needs. Each spring, the Association regularly presents symposia at the Swedish Psychiatry Congress. For psychiatrists in specialist training, some regions organise an elective course in CLP which is very popular.

Swedish health care relies strongly on general hospitals. To date the CL unit at Karolinska Huddinge/Stockholm is the only comprehensive service in operation in Sweden, with a staff of 17 persons and developed liaison in among others Neurology, Oncology, Gastroenterology and Perinatal departments, with good prospects of further development. CL Psychiatry in rest of Sweden is comparatively underdeveloped with services mainly working on an on-demand/urgent level. Interest from commissioners or regular psychiatry is in most regions sparse.

However, the field of functional disorders has evolved greatly since 2015. An e-mail-list for professionals with an interest in functional disorders has developed into a nationwide network with more than 200 members, including psychiatrists and somatic colleagues, psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and social workers with a clinical and/or research interest in the field.  The network organizes a yearly meeting and will before long launch a website.


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