Announcement: EU grant awarded for Innovative Training Network ETUDE

The EU announced in June 2020 that the European Training Network „Encompassing Training in fUnctional Disorders across Europe (ETUDE)“ will be funded under the EU Horizon2020 programme (

The goal of this research and training programme, which is rooted within the EURONET-SOMA Group, is to train a new generation of early stage researchers focused on the major medical problem of Functional Disorders. The consortium consists of 15 academic and 15 non-academic partners from 10 European countries.

Under the lead of the programme coordinator, Judith Rosmalen, the ETUDE graduate school will be build, which will boost hands-on experiences across interdisciplinary, international, and intersectoral borders. In addition to the research program involving 15 PhD students, ETUDE will organize advanced scientific courses and clinical courses on functional disorders, which will be open to all EAPM members.

We are confident that ETUDE will make substantial contributions to identifying underlying mechanisms, improve diagnosis and treatment, and reduce stigma of these highly burdened patients.


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