The EAPM Conference Award

(formerly Travel Award) 

EAPM supports early career researchers to visit the EAPM annual conferences. The EAPM wishes to strengthen young talents and to support their europewide networking. 


A prize in the form of free registration to the annual meeting and free EAPM membership valid until the end of the current year for selected young researchers who have submitted an abstract for presentation at the meeting. The number of awards will be determined each year. 

The forthcoming 2024 conference will be from June 12-15 in Lausanne, Switzerland



In order to be eligible for the award, the applicant should: 

  • be an early stage researcher, defined as being within five years of receiving a PhD or MD degree 
  • have submitted an abstract to the EAPM conference, which has been accepted 
  • not have received any other EAPM award before 


Application procedure 

The applicant should submit an abstract to the EAPM conference and send an email to the EAPM conference administration, with the attachment of ONE single pdf file with the following content: 

  • a motivational letter on why they would like to attend the conference. 
  • the abstract submitted to the conference. Please also quote your abstract number – if available it will be provided by the conference after you have submitted your abstract. 
  • a brief curriculum vitae (not more than one page). 

Please name your email: EAPM Conference Award 2024 (AND YOUR NAME) 



Abstracts will be judged on the basis of scientific soundness, clinical relevance and originality.  The award is given depending on the quality of the abstract, the motivation letter and the CV. An EAPM review board will make the selection. 


Application deadline: 31st March 2024

Contact: Isabel Winter

send it to: 

Conference Award Committee
Franziska Geiser Germany
Adriana Baban Romania
Jordi Blanch Spain
Seryan Atasoy Germany

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2019 Travel Award Nadine Hamieh France
2019 Travel Award Denise Hanssen The Netherlands
2019 Travel Award Hamima Johar Germany (Malaysia)
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2019 Travel Award María Angélica Acevedo Mesa The Netherlands (Colombia)
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2016 Travel Award Sanda Pletikosić
2015 Travel Award Guillaume Airagnes
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2015 Travel Award Simone Tot-Strate