2021 EAPM Virtual Conference

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Conference President: Jordi Blanch, MD PhD

3 – 4 June 2021 – online


Summary of the eighth annual EAPM conference 2021, online 

The annual meeting of the European Association of Psychosomatic Medicine (EAPM) took place on June 3rd and 4th 2021 in a virtual online format. The wonders of the internet allowed the meeting to happen, despite mobility restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. And for the first time, the annual meeting was hosted by the EAPM itself and organized by the members of the executive council, rather than a local group.  

The theme of the Conference was “Psychosomatics during the pandemic”. 

During the pandemic, we faced new challenges and learnt new approaches, especially in the field of the Psychosomatic Medicine and Consultation – Liaison Psychiatry. We also improved opportunities for networking by means of new communication apps and platforms. A combination of strong motivation for learning, a lot of knowledge to share, and these new technologies for networking provided great conditions for a successful event. And it really was! 

We were pleased to hear that a total of 327 people registered for the meeting, from more than 40 different countries.  


The conference program included eight plenary sessions on topics related to the pandemic, 21 parallel symposia with about 95 oral presentations, and 120 posters. In addition, six EAPM Six Special Interest Groups met using the conference platform. 


The first day began with the welcome ceremony. It was followed by a plenary session   by Professor Winfried Rief (University of Marburg, Germany), winner of the Alison Creed Award, who shared new data on the placebo and nocebo effects. In the second plenary session, Professor Judith Rosmalen (University of Groningen, The Netherlands) presented fascinating new data on definitions, prevalence and risk factors for Long-COVID in the general population, Professor Paul Garner (Centre for Evidence Synthesis for Global Health, UK) related a personal account of his recovery from ‘long-COVID’. In the last plenary session of the first day Professor Michael J. Bostwick (Mayo Clinic, USA), gave a great lectures highlighting ethical aspects of end-of-life decision-making.  

The second day of the meeting started with Professor Christiane Waller’s (Paracelsus Medical School Nürnberg, Germany) talk about the effects of the COVID pandemic on health care professionals. This was followed by a plenary lecture from Ulrich Schnyder (University of Zürich, Switzerland) about culture sensitive psycho-trauma and refugee mental health. This year’s Frits Huyse awardee was Roger Kathol (University of Minnesota, USA), a real expert on his subject, who delighted us with a talk about integrating medical and psychiatric care. Finally, Robin Groen and Anne van Gils (both from The Netherlands) shared the young investigator award 2021 and gave a plenary talk about temporal relationships among worrying, anxiety, and somatic symptoms.  

Winners of the best poster award were Rosa Maria Maidhof (University of Vienna, Austria), and Marco Lehmann (University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany). 

This year’s new EAPM fellows were Dr. Antonella Ciaramella (Pisa, Italy), Prof. Mladenka Tkalčić (Rijeka, Croatia), Prof. Meike Shedden Mora (Hamburg, Germany), Dr. Dirk von Boetticher (Göttingen, Germany) 

There was also time and space (in the virtual world) for a social event with meeting places and even music performed by Dr. Burian’s Doc Horn Band.   

We are pleased that EAPM’s first online meeting was a success. For this we have to thank the company that provided the meeting platform and technical support and especially the organizing committee made up of  members of the executive council of the EAPM,  the past president of the EAPM, and also members of the organizing committees of future meetings in Vienna and Wroclaw: Michael Sharpe (Oxford, UK), Meike Shedden- Mora (Hamburg, Germany), Angelika Weigel (Hamburg, Germany), Wolfgang Söllner (Nuremberg, Germany), Isabel Winter (Nuremberg, Germany), Christoph Pieh (Krems, Austria), and Joanna Rymaszewska and Marta Lenart (Wroclaw, Poland),  


We can now look forward to a return to a new normality in our lives and our work. For this presidency and our executive council, coming back to normality will mean having out annual meeting in an actual physical place, perhaps with more use of the internet and virtual tools that previously. In the future, the best scientific meetings will have the best combination of physical and virtual elements, to enable the sharing of knowledge, to facilitate learning and to promote networking.  

The EAPM conference in 2022 will be in Vienna, a traditional place shaped by history. Either in the majesty of the Wiener Hofburg or through the infinity of internet, all attendees will have opportunities to meet and to discuss new challenges and new approaches in the field of the psychosomatics and the consultation-liaison psychiatry. I look forward to seeing you there. 


Jordi Blanch, MD PhD 

EAPM President and EAPM Conference President 2021

Department of Psychiatry and Psychology, Hospital Clinic of Barcelona 

Mental Health and Addiction Master Plan, Department of Health, Generalitat de Catalunya 

August 10th, 2021 

The access to the virtual conference has been closed. Thanks for your interest.


Awards 2021


Frits Huyse Award 2020/2021

Prof. Roger G. Kathol, M.D., C.P.E., Minnesota, USA

Interview Prof. Kathol about receiving the Frits Huyse Award


Alison Creed Award 2020/2021

Prof. Winfried Rief, MD, Marburg, Germany

Interview Prof. Rief about receiving the Alison Creed Award



Elsevier/EAPM Young Investigator Award 2021

Robin Groen & Anne van Gils, Groningen, The Netherlands

About Dr. Groen’s & Dr. van Gils’ award winning work


Virtual Travel Awards 2021

Aranka Ballering, The Netherlands

Lukas Berezowski, Germany

Isolde Martina  Busch, Italy

Susanne Fischer, Switzerland

Iryna Frankova, Ukraine

Amalie Munk Eefsen, Denmark

Heather L. Rogers, Spain

Vishva Shah, Canada

Julian Vöhringer, Germany

Todd Stollenwerk, USA

Poster Awards 2021

Marco Lehmann (Hamburg, Germany)

Rosa Maria Maidhof (Vienna, Austria)


EAPM Fellows 2021

Dr. Antonella Ciaramella

Antonella Ciaramella MD, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, master in phytotherapy, director of the psychosomatic center, GIFT Institute of Integrative Medicine in Pisa that hosts more than twenty psychologist/psychotherapist university trainees per year. She worked for 20 years at the Pain Clinic of the University Hospital in Pisa and taught psychosomatic medicine in the degree course in Psychology in the University of Pisa. Research area: pain and hypnosis.

Prof. Mladenka Tkalčić

Mladenka Tkalčić, professor at the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences,Department of Psychology. Her research interest is in the field of the psychosomatic medicine and health psychology with a particular emphasis on the cognitive and affective aspects of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). In 2019 she has started collaboration with colleagues from the Nagoya University in Japan through joint scientific project financed by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

Prof. Meike Shedden Mora

Meike Shedden Mora is Professor for Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at the Medical School Hamburg and senior researcher at the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany. Her research focusses on the management of persistent somatic symptoms and somatic symptom disorders, as well as on interventions employing placebo mechanisms to improve medical treatments.

Dr. Dirk von Boetticher

Leading senior physician at the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, University Medical Center Göttingen, Germany. He is Medical Specialist in Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, Psychiatry and General Medicine. His special research interests are clinical concepts, psychodynamic psychotherapy, emerging adulthood, and the relation between the humanities and medicine.

Committees 2021

Main Congress Committee

Jordi Blanch – Barcelona, Spain
Marta Lenart – Wroclaw, Poland
Christoph Pieh – Krems, Austria
Joanna Rymaszewska – Wroclaw, Poland
Michael Sharpe – Oxford, England
Meike Shedden Mora – Hamburg, Germany
Wolfgang Söllner – Nuremberg, Germany
Isabel Winter – Nuremberg, Germany
Angelika Weigel – Hamburg, Germany

Alison Creed Award Committee

Michael Sharpe – Oxford, UK
Per Fink – Aarhus, Denmark
Peter Henningsen – München, Germany

Frits Huyse Award Committee

Ulrik Malt – Oslo, Norway
Carsten Leue – Maastricht, Netherlands
Silvia Ferrari – Modena, Italy
Gerhard Schüssler – Innsbruck, Austria

Poster Award Committee

Meike Sheden Mora – Hamburg, Germany
Else Guthrie – Leeds, United Kingdom
Joanna Rymaszewska – Wroclaw, Poland
Franziska Geiser – Bonn, Germany

Virtual Travel Award Committee

Marta Novak – Toronto, Canada
Dan Dumitrascu – Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Adriana Baban – Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Franziska Geiser – Bonn, Germany

EAPM Fellowship Committee

Angelika Weigel – Hamburg, Germany
Josef Jenewein – Graz, Austria


Martin Aigner (Tulln, Austria)
Anne-Francoise Allaz (Geneve, Switzerland)
Sylke Andrea (Klagenfurt, Austria)
Adriana Baban (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) Marie Bendix (Stockholm, Sweden)
Alexandre Berney (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Katja Bertsch (Munich, Germany)
Manfred Beutel (Mainz, Germany)
Jordi Blanch (Barcelona, Spain)
Robert Boland (Harvard, USA)
Markus Böckle (Vienna, Austria)
Anna Buchheim(Innsbruck, Austria)
Chris Burton (Sheffield, UK)
Fiammetta Cosci (Florence, Italy)
Francis Creed (Manchester, UK)
Vladislav Chvála (Liberec, Czech Republic)
Martina de Zwaan (Hannover, Germany)
Hans-Christian Deter (Berlin, Germany)
Clemens Dejaco (Vienna, Austria)
Frank Doyle (Harvard, USA)
Christian Fazekas (Graz, Austria)
Silvia Ferrari (Modena, Italy)
Jess Fiedorowicz (Iowa, USA)
Per Fink (Aarhus, Denmark)
Steven Frankel (San Francisco, USA)
Franziska Geiser (Bonn, Germany)
Peter Geisler (Regensburg, Germany)
Marie Guitteny-Collas (Nantes, France)
Elspeth Guthrie (Leeds, UK)
Harald Gündel (Ulm, Germany)
Peter Henningsen (München, Germany)
Christoph Herrmann-Lingen (Göttingen, Germany)
Stephan Herpertz (Bochum, Germany)
Elke Humer (Krems, Austria)
Nusrat Husain (Manchester, UK)
Josef Jenewein (Zugersee, Switzerland)
Roger Kathol (Burnsville, USA)
Roland von Känel (Zurich, Switzerland)
Monika Keller (Heidelberg, Germany)
Jan Philipp Klein (Lübeck, Germany)
Maria Kleinstäuber (Dunedin, New Zealand)
Martin Kuška (Krems, Austria)
Claas Lahmann (Freiburg, Germany)
Michael Lambert (Utah, USA)
Wolf Langewitz (Basel, Switzerland)
Anton-Rupert Laireiter (Salzburg, Austria)

Albert Leentjens (Maastricht, Netherlands)
Cédric Lemogne (Paris, France)
Thomas Loew (Regensburg, Germany)
Bernd Löwe (Hamburg, Germany)
Ulrik Fredrik Malt (Oslo, Norway)
Carsten Leue (Maastricht, Netherlands) Jose Maldonado (Stanford, USA)
Krzysztof Małyszczak (Wroclaw, Poland)
Johannes Michalek (Witten, Germany)
Gabriele Moser (Vienna, Austria)
Istvan Mucsi (Toronto, Canada)
Christian Müller (Vienna, Austria)
Marta Novak (Toronto, Canada)
Michael Noll-Hussong (Homburg, Germany)
Christoph Pieh (Krems, Austria)
Thomas Probst (Krems, Austria)
Sven Rabung (Klagenfurt, Austria)
Charlotte Rask (Aarhus, Denmark)
Winfried Rief (Marburg, Germany)
Matthias Rose (Berlin, Germany)
Judith Rosmalen (Groningen, Netherlands)
Joanna Rymaszewska (Wroclaw, Poland)
Ulrich Schnyder (Zürich, Switzerland)
Andreas Schröder (Aarhus, Denmark)
Gerhard Schüssler (Innsbruck, Austria)
Michael Sharpe (Oxford, United Kingdom)
Meike Shedden Mora (Hamburg, Germany)
Wolfgang Söllner (Nürnberg, Germany) Barbara Sperner-Unterweger (Innsbruck, Austria)
Barbara Stein (Nuremberg, Germany)
Frederic Stiefel (Lausanne, Switzerland) Stefan Stieger (Krems, Austria)
Ilaria Tarricone (Bologna, Italy)
Jonas Tesarz (Heidelberg, Germany)
Martin Teufel (Essen, Germany)
Christina Van Der Feltz-Cornelis (Hull York, UK)
Christiane Waller (Nürnberg, Germany)
Angelika Weigel (Hamburg, Germany)
Cornelia Weise (Marburg, Germany)
Ursula Werneke (Luela, Sweden)
Frank Wilhelm (Salzburg, Austria)
Erim Yesim (Erlangen, Germany)
Almut Zeeck (Freiburg, Germany)
Paula Zimbrean (Yale, USA)
Stephan Zipfel (Tübingen, Germany)


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