Report 2020:

SIG Psychodynamic aspects in C-L psychiatry and psychosomatics

The goals of the SIG are:

  • to promote a deeper psychodynamic understanding of consultations and team interactions
  • to promote the exchange between psychodynamically oriented C-L workers;
  • to provide training for young consultants in this area


The SIG regularly organized joint workshops („How to understand the psychodynamic aspects of the consultation“) with the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine (resp. ACLP) at annual EAPM conferences which were well attended by young consultants

  • 2013 Cambridge
  • 2015 Nuremberg
  • 2017 Barcelona
  • 2018 Verona

Presenters and discussants were Manfed Beutel (Mainz, GE), Silla Consoli (Paris, F), Kristen Flemming (Rochester, USA), Kurt Fritzsche (Freiburg, GE), Kem Philbrick (Rochester, USA), Wolfgang Söllner (Nuremberg, GE), Fritz Stiefel (Lausanne, CH), Barbara Stein (Nuremberg, GE).

In 2020 no activities were organized due to the cancellation of the annual conference. Further activities are planned in 2021 at the Vienna conference.