EAPM Virtual Conference 2021

Accepting the challenges of the virtual world, the former SIG Young Researchers chairs Dr. Angelika Weigel and Prof. Dr. Meike Shedden-Mora organized a variety of digital events for young scientists.


The Young Researchers corner at the EAPM 2021 Virtual Social Event


The Quarantini cocktail recipe

Young Researchers Virtual Social Event

At the EAPM 2021 Virtual Social Event on Thursday evening, which took place in a virtual hotel environment, we had our first digital Get-Together. The seaside pool area, which was specifically reserved for the SIG Young Researchers and included a cocktail recipe for a homemade Quarantini, provided a nice platform for getting to know each other, sharing congress experiences and discussing schientific topics.


Special Interest Group Meeting Young Researchers

After a first Get-Together on Thursday evening, the group met once again on Friday morning during the SIG group meeting. The session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Meike Shedden-Mora and Dr. Angelika Weigel, who introduced the SIG and welcomed the new members. This was followed by the award ceremony for those who won an EAPM travel award. The meeting also served as a starting point for planning the SIG Young Researchers conference activities in Vienna 2022. After several years of chairing the SIG Young Researchers, Meike and Angelika handed over this task to the new organizing committee. On behalf of all young scientists, we would like to express our gratitude for building this network, for establishing numerous activities, and for their years of dedication to young scientists within the EAPM.

Young Researchers Symposium

Finally, in the Young Researchers Symposium on Friday evening, five excellent young researchers presented their latest research.